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StoneAI is the world’s only artificial intelligence inspection for stone slabs. While many companies claim to disrupt markets, StoneAI is actually doing so with its innovative detection hardware and software. Realizing they needed to be positioned in the market as such, they partnered with us to build a brand identity system that matched their vision and prepared them for scale.

Visual Identity

Focusing on the story of seeing beyond the surface, we designed a symbol that speaks while remaining distinct and simple. The symbol's silhouette is formed by stacking multiple layers, while its negative space feels transparent.

Simplifying the foundational components of StoneAI’s identity system was key to standing out amongst their competition. In the outdated, undisrupted industry that StoneAI operates in, using a technical sans serif and monospaced font positioned the company as the modern, tech-forward leader in its space.

Keeping consistency among their parent brand, Extend, StoneAI adopted key colors from their palette, helping to maintain visual brand recognition while simplifying their internal design system.

Inspired by the groundbreaking technology that StoneAI’s product—The Monolith—performs, the identity system uses an abstract, flexible set of patterns and wireframe illustrations that visualize the detection process that the product performs when scanning stone slabs. These elements are used across StoneAI’s touchpoints, adding more distinctness to the brand’s visual identity system.

A huge thank you to Leigh Taylor and Carl Chouinard, and the rest of the team at StoneAI.

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