A proven, collaborative process born from 15 years of agency & in-house experience that generates effective, engaging brands.

Part 1

From stakeholder interviews to interactive workshops, we will orchestrate different methodologies to understand the business, its goals, and its personality. Once uncovered, these findings serve as the strategic target for the work ahead.
Part 2

As Paul Rand said, “Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” Creating a simple solution for any organization takes a combination of curiosity, expertise, and time. Taking our strategic target, we’ll explore relentlessly to uncover diverse directions that are simple, memorable, and scalable for your business—ensuring what we create has the flexibility needed to work in today’s ever changing climate.
Part 3

When your brand identity has been formed, we’ll prepare it for the world. We’ll organize and document your brand’s components to ensure consistency for the future, as well as begin applying the brand to your company’s touchpoints. 

Brand Positioning
Strategy & Tactics
Brand Pillars
Brand Consulting
Visual Identity
Verbal Identity
Identity Systems
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines
Art Direction
Packaging & Print
Web Design
Digital Design

How we work
With every project, you get Jared Granger working hands-on with you to uncover your brand identity and visual identity system. With 15 years of creative director-level experience, this gives you the quality that’s found by hiring a large design firm.

For larger projects, we partner with a select network of experts to bring your project to life. From name designers to UX specialists, we’ll assemble the team needed to bring your brand to life.

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