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RingCentral is the first-to-market leader in cloud telecom that’s worth over $10 Billion. They faced an unusual problem for a techgiant: their brand was massively outdated for how much they were selling. Working with their newly formed marketing team, we set out to update their Visual Identity System.

With the constraints of keeping their current logo, we refreshed their color palette, created a unique type system, and developed a layout system that allowed for expressive typography and imagery to be the forefront of their content. From a campaign design, to ebook system, to complete blog redesign, we applied the new system to many of their content marketing touchpoints, with a goal of building RingCentral as the go-to experts for telecom thought leadership. In the end, the work we created gave RingCentral a refresh that matched the companies worth, while empowering their internal teams to create new content with confidence and ease.

Brand Refresh in collaboration with Aaron Poe.

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