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Mango Biosciences exists to help make the world a brighter place by transforming the speed and cost of microbial quality control. Being a newcomer in their industry with an ambitious promise to what they’ll deliver, Mango needed to create a brand identity that over time would establish trust, differentiate themselves in their industry, and communicate their brand’s personality in a timeless, foundational way.

Visual Identity

The speed of light

Mango's identity emerged with a series of brand elements based off a central notion: the speed of light. The logo, with its simplicity, conveys speed while also forming an abstract M, tying together the brand's essence and identity.

The elements of the visual identity system are deeply rooted in the elegance and interplay of science and nature—sparked by shapes and patterns that evoke speed and precision.

With colors and typography inspired by modern science, abstract patterns that illustrate DNA sequencing, and photography that captures the human spirit contextualized in Mango’s industry, we collaboratively formed a foundational yet flexible visual identity system that will build trust and last for years to come.

Produced in collaboration with Aaron Poe & Co.

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