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Matthew Coughlin is an award-winning commercial and editorial photographer based in the southeast who’s clients range from local editorial stories to major brands like Nike, Oakley, ESPN and Sports Illustrated. As Matthew’s business began to grow, he realized his brand should also reflect the hard-earned reputation that he has gained.

Matthew Coughlin Photography’s brand mark is inspired by the utilizion light and composition to form a distinctive, bold visual identity. The new aesthetic of Matthew’s visual identity not only supports the quality characteristics of his work, but showcases his ability to be flexible, dynamic, and adaptive. The mark’s composition is formed by using a 3rds formula, that abstractly portrays light bouncing between a room or set.

The identity furthers the composition concept by pairing photographs and the dynamic brand mark together in a thirds compositional grid used in photography. The brand’s form is simple, utilizing vast amounts of whitespace to put emphasis on Matthew’s work. The brand’s simplicity and bold aesthetic not only will be memorable to people who encounter it, but is a true reflection of the value’s Matthew embodies.

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