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With the rapid growth and success that InVision’s blog had encountered over the years, the blog had naturally become a popular resource for all types of designers and design leaders. The blog included writing directly from the company, as well as guest and contract writers from other reputable sources in the industry. With the volume of content being produced, pool of content resources being used, and goals for increasing readership, it made strategic sense that the blog be rebranded into a destination platform for all things design.

The InsideDesign identity utilizes a simple D monogram and upward, forward arrow. The arrow’s overlapping negative space also forms a page turn—appropriately relating to the purpose of the brand.

The identity system takes inspiration from newsprint with condensed typography that allowed for longer headlines. By utilizing black and white as the primary colors, with Pink as a tieback to InVision, it allowed for content and calls-to-action to shine. The page fold is continued through out brand materials as an ownable and recognizable brand element.

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