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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Visual Identity System
Brand System Guidelines
Brand Activation
Website UI / UX
Design System
HIP Creative is the established branding leader for dental and orthodontic practices. Their previous identity and design assets no longer represented their vision for who their brand has become. They needed to create a visual identity system that would capture their structured approach to sales-winning strategy without alienating their established industry contacts. We helped them uncover their Visual and Verbal voice with by rebranding the agency from the ground up.

With HIP being an established, reputable company, we found that there name had gained a lot of brand equity. As the base of their identity, we concluded that it made most sense to reinforce their name. We designed a custom logotype that’s form differentiates them in a simple, memorable way.

HIP’s Visual Identity System consists of a bold and bright palette, constructivist type, and a storytelling-first photography style, with a flexible grid system ensures that the brand’s visual voice will stay consistent across all touchpoints. We established a flexible grid system ensures that the brand's visual voice will stay consistent across everything that their brand touches.

Strategy and Verbal Voice in collaboration with Brad Weaver.
From business papers, to their website, to an ebook system, we worked with the HIP team to create a system that’s visual appeal exudes the brand’s analytical, bold, and intuitive personality.

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