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GroAdvisor is a team of cultivation experts professionals who are passionate about helping cultivators and agribusiness owners succeed—dedicated to solving the biggest inefficiencies in their businesses. With a deep knowledge in indoor cultivation, GroAdvisor needed a brand that communicated that expertise to a diverse set of farmers.

GroAdvisor faced perception challenges within their industry. They needed to ensure that their potential customer’s didnt percieve them as a fly by night operation, that they weren’t only for cannabis farmers, or that they couldn’t be trusted by using flashy, unauthentic marketing without actually having expertise. With these concerns in mind, we uncovered GroAdvisor’s authentic story with a trusted, confident, and unique brand personality.

GroAdvisor’s symbol stands for confidence, enrichment, growth, and trust. It’s depicts a landscape setting of a greenhouse thats roof is formed by an arrow pointing upward. It’s aesthetic is modern, yet rooted in a time that stood for quality.

The GroAdvisor Visual Identity System is comprised of a bright, earthy color palette, and a confident and human typography system. However, part of the Visual Identity System presented a unique challenge: the majority of photography and product renderings were out of our control. We needed to figure out a way to unify a wide variety of images, of which the aesthetic and technical quality of which were generally poor. The system’s palette was put to work, serving as backgrounds for the renderings, allowing GroAdvisor’s product line to feel connected across the customer’s experience. 

Strategy in collaboration with Brad Weaver.

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