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The Enterprise Tech 30 is an annual list, assembled by Wing Venture Capital, that brings light to companies who have the most potential to tectonically shift how enterprises operate for the better. Inductees to the ET30 are on a fast track of growth and and are expected to be future IPOs and multi-billion dollar exits. As Wing continued to grow, they realized that they had outgrown the Enterprise Tech 30’s brand identity.

The Enterprise Tech 30 Symbol portrays prestige and strength, while abstractly speaking to the idea of elevating the companies included in the list. It’s visual feel is credible and exclusive, while not feeling out of reach.

The Logotype for Enterprise Tech 30 breaks each word within the name onto individual lines—making the longer name more digestible, memorable, and easy-to-use. 

The base of Enterprise Tech 30’s visual identity system is comprised of a layout system that’s formed by the logo’s elements. Within the system is a modular prism illustration—adding to the brand’s prestigous and celebratory purpose.

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