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Visual Brand Identity
Visual Identity System
Brand System Guidelines
Brand Activation is the first dependency aware continuous delivery platform on the market. They exist to empower developers, by making their lives easier through a more simple, reliable, and fast product and experience. Delivering on this promise, Architect needed a brand identity system that embodied their values and set them up for scale.

Visual Identity

A logo that communicates

Given Architect’s name, we introduced an appropriate and distinct symbol to help the brand feel rooted in their marketplace. Communicating two important traits — reliability and speed — the symbol is formed by two rotated check marks that forms a bolt within the negative space of the symbol. The identity system’s typography feels smart and technical, accompanied by a diverse, energetic color palette. 

Visual Identity

A flexible, dinstinct design languge

Inspired by the connective tissue that Architect’s product creates, the identity system uses a distinct set of brand patterns. From backgrounds to abstract illustrations, this style informs how the brand visually speaks across all of Architect’s properties.


Internal impact at scale

Since implimenting’s rebrand, the internal culture has been energized and united, with attracting and retaining top talent to further their mission.  

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