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With over 20 years of experience of experience as a professional make-up artist, Laura Showalter has had a diverse range of experience helping people look their best. From local television commercials to nationally-known motion pictures, Laura found she had a keen eye for design from wardrobe duties and always garnered positive feedback through her subjects on how great she made them feel. So became the question: could Laura offer her knowledge and expertise to truly make a positive impact in her clients lives? Out of this new mission, Laura Showalter Personal Stylist was born. Laura’s visual brand needed to communicate her ability to build confidence and create happiness with her clients, to both female and male audiences. 

By combining a hanger and subtle smile, Laura’s brand mark achieves a timeless quality that communicates her values. With a foundation of strong typography, and a distinctive color palette and brand pattern, Laura’s visual identity system appeals to a wide audience range—both male and female. A supporting tagline was also crafted to simply communicate her position and relate to the meaning of her brand mark: personal happiness, styled. With a foundation this strong, Laura’s brand will last the test of time.

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